Vladimir Pentjuh


One of the greatest qualities of Russian Impressionist art is its continued relevance as a living school in Russia where many outstanding painters continue to work within the tradition.  One of the finest of these contemporary artists is Vladimir Pentjuh (B. 1965), a graduate of the Kharkov Institute of Arts and currently a painting instructor at the Penza Art School and member of the Russian Union of Painters.  Pentjuh’s subjects and style show the influence of the great masters of Russian landscape art such as Stozharov, Plastov, and other lyric artists whose works capture the sincere beauty and soul of the rural landscape and village life of Russia.  With bright, optimistic colors and deep clarity, Pentjuh’s paintings are on the one hand traditional and on the other more contemporary in color and mood than the somber works so often associated with Russia.  He has exhibited his works in the United States and Vail with great success for nearly two decades and the gallery is very pleased to represent him.