Robert Vanderyecken is a world renowned artist whose work is displayed publicly from Spain to China and is owned by over 17 museums and public collections around the world. His art is in the tradition of the most classic modernist work exhibiting influences from cubisim, surrealsim and other modern movements of the early twentieth century. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Belgium and has participated in many exhibtions since 1953.

He has served as the director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hasselt and is one of the founders of the artist’s movement group “Helikon” and of the “Helikon Quartet”. In his art the images of Ancient Greece and the ancient world are evident. The figures that populate Vandereycken’s art are elegiac and stem directly from the myths and mystery of early Western Civilization. His close friend and mentor was the world-famous artist Paul Delvaux. Most recently Vandereycken was honored by the Jose Carreras foundation with the commission of an entire edition of lithograph prints to be sold exclusively through the foundation.