Photography on wood is the original inspired art of Edo Vincent. Through the original inspiration of a digital image Edo brings the image back into analogue high relief with hand carved wood panels. Amazing effects are obtained through this technique which Edo has defined as “visual flash” because the finished artwork can create many different images depending on the viewer’s perspective, distance and angle from their viewing point. By looking closely you see soft vortices and sinuous lines, but from afar the most perfectly recognizable figures are seen that our brains correct where they are deliberately left incomplete.

An eclectic and innovative artist, Edoardo Vincenzo Sguazzin, a.k.a. Edo Vincent, was born in Milan in 1969 but lives and works in the northern Italian city of Udine. By working in wood, with which he has made the most of his expressive capabilities, Edo has created beautiful, fully realized artworks. The images offered are the result of long and painstaking manual labour; works full of personality and energy unlike any other in the world.