Dual Exhibition featuring Michelle Torrez & Mikael Olson, July 11, 2015

Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in Contemporary, Exhibitions

The arts community of Denver has nurtured the careers of several notable and nationally known artists over the last few decades. Denver artists have a look and feel all their own unique from any other western or southwestern city. Both Michelle Torrez and Mikael Olson originate from the Denver scene and their work helps define it as well. Their styles contrast and complement each other, emblematic of their artistic dialog and friendship over the years. Come and see some of the best Denver has to offer at our joint exhibition of Michelle Torrez and Mikael Olson July 11th-25th, opening reception Saturday, July 11th, 4-6 pm.

For more information on any of these paintings, please email the gallery at info@vailgallery.com.

Michelle Torrez

Mikael Olson