Carlo Trost – New Work 2014

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Contemporary

Sometimes people ask us why we are the “International Gallery”. For us, when we started the gallery back in 2005, it meant two things; we would take art from around the world and exhibit it in Vail- and vice versa, art created by regional artists could be sent wherever our patrons hailed from. It’s a big world out there and even though Vail is a small place, it’s a big place too and our visitors are constantly looking for exceptional quality work.

Our first crate of Carlo Trost’s art arrived from Udine, Italy way back in 2006 and was among our first big commitments to broaden the range of what could be shown and seen in the gallery. The response was immediate and continues to be strong. Three times a year a crate from Italy arrives at our door. The most recent came this week and we thought we’d share Carlo’s newest creations with you.

Click through the gallery and you’ll see a “Golden Jersey” which will be awarded to the winner of the Vail Time Trial Stage at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge this August!